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How to Grow Your Small Business: A 6-Step Plan to Help Your Business Take Off

Author: Donald Miller

My Rating: 3/5

Summary: A tactical book explaining different frameworks works that’s newish entrepreneurs can leverage to grow their small business.

My Takeaways

Think of building a business as building a plane

You want to build a business proportional to the other areas of your business similar to how you engineer a safe plane

Craft a compelling mission statement for your business that includes 3 specific economic outcomes that are measurable, timebound so the business can know if they achieved the mission and reasons why the mission is important to build connection to the business.

Humans like transformation.

Create 3 key characteristics that are more specific than core values. This guides the business and informs who to hire.

Continue to find ways to bring the mission front and center in everything you do. All hands meetings, posters, shoutouts etc

Survive and thrive for marketing messages.

Create simple messaging

Put your customer at the center of the story where they are the hero. Humans are evolved to survive and stories are the way to get your attention.

4. Create a 3 step plan.
5. Call your customer to action. Buy now button on your website is like a cash register

6. Make the hero avoid failure

Give the customers stakes. The stakes are what the customer will do if they fail to buy the product or succeed if they buy it. What negative consequences will my customers avoid.


7 Experience success. Tell them about the positive ramifications when the customer buys a product.

Start with the problem
Position your product as the solution
Offer a three step plan to alleviate any fears and transition them into a better future life. Build a bridge from the customer’s problem to your solution.

Create a sense of urgency. And the state states.

Give the customer a clear call to action with that offer they can except or reject so that they don’t have to think about next steps.

Sales isn’t about pushing, it’s about clarity.

Schedule 5 different meetings

Have 5 different business bank accounts for daily operations, taxes, profit, investing.

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