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Sell to Anyone

Author: Brian Tracey

My Rating: 4/5

Summary: A short book combining many of Brian Tracey’s sales tips and tricks.

My Takeaways

Record your presentations / pitches

Understand price vs quality

Embed vocal inflection 

Every price is negotiable. It’s plucked out of thin air.

The higher you go up in an org, the more authority they have to change the price. 

Ask for what you want. 

Business agreement. All parties have to win. ‘Chinese contract’

People don’t sell unprofitable businesses. 

Know who has the power. 

Own the terms

If you negotiate on price, ask for a concession.

Make your offer time bound, but when you are pressured into a timeframe, delay as much as possible

Don’t show emotion.

Be prepared when it comes to negotiating. One extra piece of info can make the difference.

Be prepared to walk away. Use this as a negotiating tactic

Body language is a way to communicate trust and can be used as a tool of communication when selling.

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